Zachary Mayne selected by Alpine Ontario to Men’s Ontario Ski Team

Zachary Mayne, a former BVSC skier and racer, has been selected by Alpine Ontario to be a member of the Men’s Ontario Ski Team (OST) for the upcoming 2016-17 season.  Zachary joins 8 other members of the men’s team and is one of the three 16 year old members on the team.  Alpine Ontario describes the OST as “a high performance team representing the fastest group of alpine ski racers in Ontario, who are training year round, in pursuit of earning a spot on the Canadian Alpine Ski Team”.  The team will commence dryland training in July and will have their first “on snow” training in Saas Fe, Switzerland in August.  They will return to Europe in October to Stubai, Austria’s largest glacier ski resort and then complete pre-season ski training at Nakiska, AB in November.

Zachary started skiing at BVSC when he was 2 1/2 years old, he began racing at Beaver Valley when he was 6 in the Nancy Green league, and continued racing at BVSC for the next 6 years, up to and including the K1 individual program.

Congratulations Zachary!

Katrina Gerencser is named to the 2016/2017 National Alpine Race Snowboard Team

Proud parents, Frank & Shirley, are ecstatic to share their news of their daughter Katrina being selected to compete on the Canadian National Alpine Snowboarding Team!

Their little girl is persuing her dream as a full time athlete, working out and training/testing/developing for the season ahead. Katrina will be based in B.C. in June, Chile in August and training camp in November.

Next February, Frank and Shirley plan to be at the finish line to watch Katrina compete in Korea on the World Cup series. The same resort that will be hosting the winter Olympics in 2018.

Good luck Katrina!




Spring Hill Beautification Day

AvyBowlTamara & ErikaLunchKnute   Under a bluebird sky, volunteers gathered to remove vines from trees and clear brush in the Avalanche & South Bowl.   At noon Chef Keith prepared a delicious lunch of chicken chipotle wraps, curry soup and sweet potato fries.  Thank you volunteers for your effort!

Berkley Brown claims BRONZE for Canada at JUNIOR WORLDS

Berkley Brown Bronze FIS Junior Worlds Dual Moguls

Representing Canada, competing with the best in the world, Beaver Valley’s Berkley Brown won BRONZE in the WORLD JUNIOR DUAL MOGULS event in Are, Sweden this past weekend.

Berkley qualified for the World Championships after achieving GOLD at the Canadian Junior Freestyle Ski Championships hosted at Beaver Valley. It won’t be long before we see her on the national team, along with 2 BV Freestyle members – Zac Hoffman and Aimee Hewat.

Congratulations on an amazing achievement and a very successful year!


Katrina Gerencser wins GOLD & SILVER


Katrina headed to Chantecler, QC on March 21-26, 2016 for the Canadian Snowboard Speed Championships and brought home Gold for PGS and Silver for PSL!

The athletes challenged themselves on the Alexandre Despatie slope, one well known for its steepness!  Katrina was smoking hot on the course as these photos attest.



Results of Canadian Snowboard Speed Championships

Katrina headed for the US Nationals in Copper Mountain Colorado ranked 3rd in Canadian Women’s PSL FIS points.

FIS Snowboard World Cup Standings

Congratulations Katrina on an amazing season and good luck on the World Cup next year making your dreams happen!



Two BV ladies took the podium at the Canadian Junior Freestyle Ski Championships, hosted here at Beaver Valley.

Adeleine Lyon (U14) won SILVER in the Single Moguls Competition and BRONZE in the Dual Mogul Competition.

Berkley Brown (U16) won GOLD in the Single Moguls Competition and GOLD in Dual Mogul Competition.  Berkley’s results qualified her to represent Canada in the Freestyle Junior World Champonships in Sweden.

Congratulations ladies!

Leiney & BerkleyJunior Nationals at BV cropped

It’s time to vote for the Best Snow Park

It’s time to tell North America about our Parks at Beaver Valley!

Transworld Snowboarding Magazine (USA mag) is running an online contest asking for people to vote for their favourite & best snow parks throughout North America.

The resorts listed are mainly located in USA however you can still vote for Beaver Valley in the follow up question, in the event your park is not listed (“Other park not on the list”).  Who knows maybe if enough of us vote we may get “Best new discovery”!

Afterall, Beaver Valley Snow Parks was the only canadian stop on the 7 stop Burton Qualifiers Tour this season and the Beaver Valley Banked Slalom has now been recognized 2 years running in the World Wide Banked Slalom Tour.  Come on make some noise for BV!

Everyone who votes in the poll is also entered in a prize draw to win one of three snowboards.

Vote for your favourite Snow Park here

Club Update

Unfortunately the flooding in the Valley continues… our staff have worked hard through the weekend to open a temporary bridge enabling the entrance road to the Club to be reopened.  At this point the Clubhouse will be open this Saturday from 8:30-4:30pm for those members who need to clean out their lockers.  Please know that access to the Club may change should the water levels rise once more- please call before visiting for the most up to date status on the bridges and water levels.  519 986 2520 x221.

Club Update

The Kimberly area including all locations along the Beaver River are currently flooded. As a result,  the bridges & entrance road to the Club are not passable by vehicle or foot.

Staff are currently working around the clock to monitor water levels which will dictate the timeline to fix our bridges & roadway.

Our early estimate is Sunday – best case scenario. In the event that you require emergency access to your chalet, staff can attempt to transport people only from the Keg.  For emergencies please contact either Tim Oliver at 519-377-7860 or Tom Cavers at 519-379-2555.

At this time staff continue to monitor chalets on property as best we can.

Tim Oliver,

General Manager

Beaver Valley Banked Slalom Best Yet!

What a sick day of riding at the 4th annual Beaver Valley Banked Slalom. Spring snow, bluebird day. Park firing top to bottom. Bands, BBQ and beers on the snow! And . . . oh yeah, the biggest Banked Slalom in Eastern Canada. It was one of the best yet! One hundred and seventy riders from mini-shreds to legends, from park rats to freeriders, from shop staff to past Olympians gathered to chase each other through the banks and to shred and enjoy all day!

Dave Amos droppin in

This year’s banked slalom offered up a new course down Beaver Valley’s “True North” run. Designed and built by Caleb Bosse, the course featured a fun flowing mix of banked turns, steep fall-aways, pump-able rollers and an optional finish booter. The course softened and the banks deepened as the day progressed making it even more fun to ride. Competitors continued to session the course long after the race had wrapped  . . . it was that much fun!


The park was packed all day with cameras everywhere filling up memory cards for end of season edits. Those who made it over to Beaver Valley’s Avalanche Bowl were treated to the steepest spring snow riding in southern Ontario! By mid-afternoon the apres in front of the base lodge was pulsing with the on-snow BBQ and bar in full swing, kids mini-shred features being sessioned and “The Foremast Jacks” band kicking it up. By late afternoon awards time the apres was jammed! What an amazing end to an amazing day of snowboarding at Beaver Valley!

The Beaver Valley Banked Slalom is also a charitable fundraiser for Rebecca’s Hope for Leukemia Research at the Princess Margaret Hospital in memory of legendary Beaver Valley snowboarder Jackie Snarr with over $34,000 raised as of this 4th annual Banked Slalom!


The fastest times were thrown down in the men’s 20-29 age category, led by Ryan Tryhane, just ahead of Tyler Jackson, Brad Martin and Michael Lambert, all within a second of each other. The fastest woman was Taylor Wilton followed by Elise Turner and Alana McCormick.

Fastest Riders: Taylor Wilton (left) and Ryan Tryhane

Legendary Lori Glazier, a past Olympic halfpipe contender took the Women’s “Legends” category with a time that bested the women in the next younger group. photo: travis tedford

Another Olympic halfpipe contender x 3, Brad Martin, scored third in the Men’s 20-29 “Almost Washed” category proving pipe riders are as fast as the best racers! Brad’s time stood up as the third fastest overall behind sbx-ers Ryan Tryhane and Tyler Jackson. Not bad for riding a powder board. photo: steve

Beaver Valley local Paul Chapman, a former World Overall Junior Champ back in the early ’90s when snowboarders competed in pipe, slopestyle and race, took the age 30-39 “Masters” category. Not far behind were a few other past champions and now Beaver Valley locals, Ryan Caesar in 3rd, Cory Hafemehl in 6th and Jesse Fulton in 8th. photo: steve

Another Beaver Valley local and street rider extraordinaire, Chris Fellner. photo: steve

Snowboard pioneer and legend Dennis Bannock. photo: travis tedford

Snowboard OG and now Beaver Valley local, Dave Wright took 3rd in the “Legends” category. photo: travis tedford

Internationally, the Beaver Valley Banked Slalom is now recognized as one of eight major Banked Slalom snowboard events around the world that comprise the World Banked Slalom Tour.

Special thanks to all of the volunteer supporters of the Beaver Valley Banked Slalom: Tom and Lisa Elliott, Barb and Jeff Black, Tim Topornicki, Dave and Arlene Robertson, Steve Jarrett and Nancy Mills, Andrew Hauerbach, Carol Koven, Linda Baird and Sandy Atkin. Thanks to all of the Beaver Valley staff who helped organize the event, especially Caleb Bosse and the Beaver Valley Snow Parks crew, Tom and his race crew, Cheryl Crowther, Brenda O’Neill, Jess Weber, Shawn Letton, Kim Giffen, Chef Keith Hagedorn and team, Tom Cavers and team and Erika Forsek and Tim Oliver.

Thanks to all of the Banked Slalom sponsors who helped make it the end of season highlight snowboard event: Beaver Valley Ski Club, Beaver Valley Snow Parks, Union, 686, Capita, Ride, K2, Rome, Sandbox, Burton, Adidas, Holden, Nixon, Dragon, Skullcandy, Oakley, Billabong, Libtech, Electric, GNU,  Zeal, Rip Curl, Dakine, Vans, Anon, VZ, Spy, Quiksilver, Roxy, Herschl, Coal, Saxx, My Package, Arbor, Beaver Wax, Snowboard Canada Magazine, BSP, PBR, Kawartha Metals, Birnie Electric, Casbah and Squire Johns.

Check the full results and tons of photos below.

For Instagram pics follow @BeaverValleyPark.


To check this Instagram photo video (above) – hit play > on the image.


Girls 14 & Under “Groms”     Run 1           Run 2
1. Mikayla Crawford                      1.16.08          1.11.54
2. Sommer Gendron                      1.15.22/DQ   1.11.65
3. Brenna O’Brien                          1.17.36           1.14.22
4. Raili Price                                   1.17.36           1.14.51
5. Emily Meldrum                          1.22.03          1.17.21
6. Aoife Murray                              1.23.83          1.19.74
7. Oliva Meldrum                           1.21.28/DQ  1.26.24
8. Lucy Woods                                1.33.00         1.26.46
9. Abigail Taylor                             3.56.23         4.22.03

Boys 14 & Under “Groms”       Run 1          Run 2
1. Nathan Kosempel                        1.09.34         1.08.18
2. Jesse Jarrett                                1.10.47          1.08.75
3. Andrew Behan                             1.11.70           1.10.75
4. Sam Koven                                   1.10.85        1.12.55
5. Thomas Panksep                         1.15.70           1.11.27
6. Jeremy Larsen                             1.14.32          1.12.06
7. Griffin Levy                                  1.17.66           1.15.24
8. Simon Woods                              1.22.99          1.22.57
9. Lucas Droz                                   1.20.60/DQ  1.22.66
10. Quinn Taylor                             1.25.39           1.25.30
11. Clive Huddlestone                    1.45.22/DQ   1.45.93/DQ
12. Finn Murray                              3.07.55/DQ   2.51.67/DQ

Girls 15-19 “Young Guns”        Run 1            Run 2
1. Carolyn Black                               1.10.28         1.10.79
2. Jasmine Baird                             1.16.07            1.12.14
3. Katherine Lindsay                      1.19.31            1.29.72
4. Jackie Carlson                             dns                  dns

Boys 15-19 “Young Guns”        Run 1             Run 2
1. Michael Nazwaski                       1.02.55           1.04.11
2. Sam Parker                                  1.05.38            dnf
3. Jeffrey Kupka                              1.12.07             1.05.89
4. Jamie Behan                                1.07.67           1.08.85
5. Nic Pavanel                                  1.13.26             1.10.45
6. Andrew Sammut                        1.22.46             1.10.49
7. Keegan Ireland                           1.12.58/DQ      1.10.52
8. Graeme Larsen                          1.10.62              1.10.60
9. Ben Koven                                   1.11.20              1.10.67
10. Patrick Quesnel                        1.12.67             1.11.35
11. Matthew Crawford                   1.12.42              1.11.66
12. Edward Sine                              1.12.08            1.12.38
13. Cole Hopkins                             1.13.34             1.12.31
14. Graeme Edwards                       1.13.92            1.13.32
15. Beck Newby                                1.15.20           1.15.55
16. Sam Anderson                           1.16.89             1.15.75
17. Cameron Maillette                    1.18.36            1.18.98
18. Devan Spray                               1.19.71             1.20.16
19. Dan Bubalo                                 1.10.51/DQ       dns
20. Jason Dunbar                             dns                    dns

Women 20-29 “Almost Washed”  Run 1           Run 2
1. Taylor Wilton                                       1.06.52          1.04.04
2. Ellise Turner                                        1.07.02          1.05.75
3. Alanna McCormick                             1.06.58         1.15.13
4. Alicia Hall                                            1.16.31            1.14.94
5. Charlotte Batty                                    1.32.38           1.18.36
6. Brittany Choban                                   dns                1.32.23

Men 20-29 “Almost Washed”        Run 1              Run 2
1. Ryan Tryhane                                       0.58.85          1.00.75
2. Tyler Jackson                                      0.59.05           1.00.35
3. Brad Martin                                         0.59.45           1.03.30
4. Michael Lambert                                1.00.37            1.01.59
5. Marcus Brown                                     1.01.73            1.04.35
6. Jordan Sullivan                                   1.01.79            1.03.52
7. Adam Carmichael                               1.02.23            1.12.63/DQ
8. Josh Miller                                          1.02.50/DQ     1.02.66
9. Rich Evanoff                                        1.03.16             1.03.67
10. Aaron Wylie                                      1.03.21             1.06.68
11. Max Wharin                                       1.03.47             1.05.61
12. Jackson Zenert                                  1.04.54              1.03.88
13. Donald Turner                                  1.04.88              1.04.22
14. Stuart Reid                                        1.04.42             1.05.50
15. Andrew Weale                                   1.04.52             1.06.46
16. Daniel Stubbs                                    1.05.31             1.06.50/DQ
17. Connor Dudgeon                               1.05.57             1.06.69
18. Chris Fellner                                     1.05.87             1.07.09
19. Alex Biggar                                         1.07.38              1.06.31
20. Sam Dano                                          1.08.44              1.06.48
21. Kevin Dyce                                         1.07.23             1.08.70
22. Ray Summerfield                              1.07.36             1.07.63
23. Cameron Parkin                               1.07.36             1.08.19
24. Andrew Roosenboom                      1.09.43              1. 08.13
25. Andrew Atkin                                    1.08.17               1.09.71
26. Michael Lambert                              1.09.61               1.08.43
27. Nicholas D’Amico                             1.07.21/DQ        1.08.67
28. Vincent Oorlynck                             1.08.75              1.33.05
29. Max Hill                                             1.08.96              1.09.46
30. Chris Cook                                         1.09.37              1.10.29
31. Zak Elik                                              1.09.71               1.13.45
32. Liam Robinson                                 1.09.66/DQ        1.10.64
33. Reid Robertson                                 1.10.80              1.12.50
34. John Blanchard                                 1.13.89                1.12.97
35. Bram Ratz                                           1.13.53                1.13.08
36. Matt Wilcox                                       1.14.72                1.13.29
37. Bones Court                                       1.13.42             1.14.59/DQ
38. Dan Beaver                                        1.13.91             1.14.27/DQ
39. Matthew Robb                                   1.14.01                dns
40. Daniel D’Amico                                 1.13.58/DQ        1.15.45 
41. Dave Ellis                                            1.18.22           1.13.07/DQ
42. Benjamin Yim                                    1.18.94                dns
43. Charlie Pavanel                                  1.22.21                1.20.18
44. Brendan Essex                                    1.28.79                1.23.99
45. Keith Parker                                       1.35.20                 dnf

Women 30-39 “Masters”                  Run 1                 Run 2
1. Ansley Simpson                                    1.12.41               1.14.15
2. Meagan Broughton                              1.17.57               1.22.88
3. Louise Van Beek Rogers                    1.22.79                1.22.38

Men 30-39 “Masters”                         Run 1                 Run 2
1. Paul Chapman                                      1.00.44               1.02.28
2. Chris Etsell                                          1.01.68                1.03.76
3. Ryan Caesar                                         1.01.98                1.04.17
4. Jeremy Shield                                     1.02.16                1.05.10
5. Alex Colvin                                          1.03.66                1.06.46
6. Cory Hafermehl                                 1.03.86                1.04.99
7. Dan Brandon                                       1.03.88               1.04.48
8. Jesse Fulton                                        1.04.34               1.06.24
9. David Offerski                                     1.04.41               1.06.66
10. Ed Whelan                                         1.04.43                1.06.96
11. Cam Farrell                                        1.05.80                 1.05.34
12. Rob Whelan                                       1.05.44                1.06.30
13. Dave Amos                                         1.05.62                1.09.53
14. James De Caires                                1.06.16                1.09.86
15. Mike Osachuk                                    1.06.17                1.12.02/DQ
16. Neil Darke                                          1.16.92                  1.06.92
17.Michael Guilfoyle                               1.07.07                1.08.56
18. Scott Dermott                                   1.07.29                1.11.90
19. Andrew Dietrich                               1.04.13/DQ          1.07.31
20. Travis Tedford                                 1.07.78                 1.12.95
21. Aaron DeVera                                   1.07.83                1.11.05
22. Dane Milligan                                   1.07.90                 1.17.56/DQ
23. Andrew Skelhorn                             1.10.46                  1.08.22
24. Fenn Loucks                                     1.08.41                  1.10.92
25. Jordi Burton                                     1.09.35                  1.08.58
26. Will Johnson                                    1.15.35                   1.09.40
27. Justin Lovell                                    1.10.02                   1.12.52
28. Norman Javier                                1.14.48/DQ           1.14.41
29. Martin Gouda                                  1.20.77/DQ           1.19.02
30. Ryan Tonegawa                               1.22.00                  1.21.63
31. Alex Ching                                         1.24.56                  1.30.38
32. Adam Zigomanis                             1.32.07                  1.49.19
33. Luke Williams                                 1.07.53/DQ          dns
33. Jason Herbert                                  1.11.50/DQ          1.10.72/DQ
35. Caleb Bosse                                          dns                       dns

Women 40-49 “Legends”               Run 1                   Run 2
1. Lori Glazier                                        1.10.93                   1.10.63
2. Nicola Lee                                          1.27.61                  1.35.84

Men 40-49 “Legends”                     Run 1                    Run 2
1. Chad Critchley                                   1.02.83                 1.04.39
2. Cameron Jackson                             1.04.09                 1.07.61
3. Dave Wright                                      1.05.51                  1.07.39
4. Dennis Bannock                                1.01.99/DQ            1.05.52
5. Mark Watson                                    1.07.46                    1.06.19
6. Jeff Geard                                          1.06.74                  1.10.15
7. Adam Lowe                                       1.09.19                   1.11.86
8. Fraser Lee                                        1.11.41                     1.17.11
9. Michael Taylor                                 1.13.15                    1.13.67
10. Jason MacFarlane                         1.13.44                    1.14.37
11. Bill Moffat                                       1.13.92                    1.13.50/DQ
12. Tim Botha                                       1.16.22                     1.17.38
13. Duncan Warrener                         1.17.70                     1.14.98/DQ
14. Joe Proctor                                    1.20.36                   1.17.63/DQ
15. Tony Piller                                     1.20.99                   1.22.36/DQ
16. Kelly Armstrong                           1.23.85                     1.21.41
7. Gregory Falconer                            dns                            dns

Women 50+ “Immortals”           Run 1                       Run 2
1. Techa van Leeuwen                        1.17.29/DQ              1.17.12
2. Annie Hartviksen                           1.22.46                    1.37.01/DQ

Men 50+ “Immortals”                       Run 1                         Run 2
1. Frank Larsen                                        1.09.60                       1.16.29
2. Tom Elliott                                           1.10.86                       1.12.55
3. Steve Jarrett                                        1.11.97                         1.14.79
4. Jordan Kurtin                                      1.13.65                        1.15.49
5. Richard Tryhane                                  1.14.31                        1.15.49
6. Thomas Hinno                                     1.15.52                        1.29.35
7. Don Kindness                                       1.15.65                        1.18.55
8. Ted Tipping                                          1.16.31                        1.21.70
9. Steve Nelson                                        1.22.59                        1.35.52/DQ
11. Don Harris                                          1.17.46/DQ                  1.27.54/DQ
11. Joe Lindsey                                         dnf                                 dnf

1. Ryan Tryhane – Coach (0.58.85)
2. Jordan Sullivan – Park Staff  (1.01.79)
3. Ryan Caesar  – Resort Staff  (1.01.98)
4. Jeremy Shield  – Park Staff  (1.02.16)
5. Adam Carmichael – Sales Rep (1.02.23)

Rider’s meeting

Andrew Snarr, forerunning the course in memory of his mother Jackie

Ryan Tryhane. photo: steve

Connor Dudgeon. photo:steve

Jesse Fulton. photo: steve

Cory Hafermehl. photo: steve

Mark Watson. photo: travis tedford

Eight year old Clive Huddlestone. photo: steve

Lucy Woods. photo: steve

Simon Woods. photo: steve

Dane Milligan. photo: steve

Mike Osachuk. photo: steve

Taylor Wilton. photo: steve

Adam Carmichael. photo: steve

Emily Meldrum. photo: steve

Jesse Jarrett – 2nd Boy’s “Groms”. photo: steve

Andrew Skelhorn. photo: steve

Jordan Sullivan – 2nd Union “Industry” rider. photo: steve

Ben Koven. photo: travis tedford

Will Johnson. photo: steve

Jordi Burton. photo: steve

Travis Tedford: photo: steve

Carolyn Black – 1st Girl’s “Young Guns”. photo: steve

Bill Moffat. photo: travis tedford

Sommer Gendron – 2nd Girl’s “Groms”. photo: steve

Nathan Kosempel – 1st Boy’s “Groms”. photo:steve

Andrew Weale. photo: steve

Tom Elliott – 2nd Men’s “Immortals”. photo: travis tedford

Michael Nazwaski – 1st Boy’s “Young Guns”. photo: steve

Patrick Quesnel. photo:steve

Michael Lambert. photo: steve

Liam Robinson. photo: steve

Jeremy Shield. photo: steve

Chris Etsell – 2nd Men’s “Masters”. photo: steve

Dave Amos. photo: steve

Chad Critchley – 1st Men’s “Legends”. photo: steve

Dan Brandon. photo: steve

Alex Colvin. photo: steve

Josh Miller. photo: steve

Tyler Jackson – 2nd “Almost Washed”. photo: steve

Nick D’Amico. photo: steve

Andrew Atkin. photo: steve

_2016_BV_Banked_Slalom_Aiofe_Murray_sj_medAiofe Murray. photo: steve

Sam Koven. photo: steve

Six yr old Finn Murray. photo: steve

Frank Larsen – 1st Men’s “Immortals”. photo: travis tedford

Jason MacFarlane. photo: travis tedford

Jeffrey Kupka. photo: steve

Fraser Lee. photo: travis tedford

Michael Guilfoyle. photo: travis tedford

Matthew Robb. photo: steve

Raili Price. photo: steve

Richard Tryhane. photo: travis tedford

_2016_BV_Banked_Slalom_Tim Botha_40-49_tt_lo
Tim Botha. photo: travis tedford

Griffin Levy. photo: travis tedford

Alana McCormick. photo: steve

Annie Hartviksen – 2nd Women’s “Immortals”. photo: travis tedford

Cam Jackson. photo: travis tedford

Jeremy Larsen. photo: steve

Lucas Droz. photo: steve

Mike Taylor. photo: steve

Reid Robertson. photo: steve

Mikayla Crawford – 1st Girl’s “Groms”. photo: steve

Andrew Behan – 3rd Boy’s Groms. photo: steve

Ted Tipping. photo: travis tedford

Don Harris. photo: travis tedford

Don Kindness. photo: travis tedford

Cam Farrell. photo: steve

Ansley Simpson – 1st Women’s “Masters”. photo: steve

John Blanchard. photo: steve

Olivia Meldrum. photo: steve

Steve Jarrett – 3rd Men’s “Immortals”. photo: travis tedford

Cam Parkin. photo: steve

Brittany Choban. photo: steve

Andrew Sammut. photo: steve

Thomas Panksep. photo: steve

Nic Pavanel. photo: steve

Elise Turner – 2nd Women’s “Almost Washed”. photo: steve

Ed Whelan. photo: travis tedford

Duncan Warrener. photo: travis tedford

Fenn Loucks. photo:steve

Jackson Zenert. photo: steve

Jasmine Baird. photo: steve

Jason Herbert. photo: steve

Joe Proctor. photo: travis tedford

Louise Van Beek Rogers. photo: steve

Marcus Brown. photo: steve

Martin Gouda. photo: steve

Matthew Crawford. photo: steve

Meagan Broughton. photo: steve

Stuart Reid. photo: steve

Aaron Devera. photo: steve

Bones Court. photo: steve

Beck Newby. photo: steve

Charlie Pavanel. photo: steve

Daniel D’Amico. photo: steve

Brad Martin. photo: steve

Ed Whelan. photo: steve

Jesse Jarrett. photo: steve

Six yr old Abigail Taylor. photo: steve

Lori Glazier. photo: steve

Steve Jarrett. photo: travis tedford

Katherine Lindsey. photo: steve

Donald Turner. photo: steve

The Beaver Valley Banked Slalom featured one of the biggest gatherings of Ontario snowboard pioneers, legends and pros including: Lori Glazier, Dennis Bannock, Todd Dekoker, Marchello Centurione, Steve Jarrett, Paul Chapman, Dave Wright, Jesse Fulton, Cam Jackson, Cory Hafermehl, Brad Martin, Ryan Caesar, Caleb Bosse, Bill Moffat, Dane Milligan, Mike Osachuk, Dave Amos, Andrew Skelhorn, Martin Gouda, Michael Lambert, Will Johnson and more

Girls “Groms” age 14 & Under podium (L-R): Brenna O’Brien – 3rd, Mikayla Crawford – 1st, Sommer Gendron – 2nd

Boy’s “Groms” age 14 & Under podium (L-R): Andrew Behan – 3rd, Nathan Kozempel – 1st, Jesse Jarrett – 2nd

Girl’s “Young Guns” age 15-19  podium (L-R): Katherine Lindsay – 3rd, Carolyn Black – 1st, Jasmine Baird – 2nd

Boy’s “Young Guns” age 15-19 podium (L-R): Jeffrey Kupka – 3rd, Michael Nazwaski – 1st, Sam Parker – 2nd

Women’s “Almost Washed” age 20-29 podium (L-R): Alanna McCormick – 3rd, Taylor Wilton – 1st, Ellise Turner – 2nd

Men’s “Almost Washed” age 20-29 podium (L-R): Brad Martin – 3rd, Ryan Tryhane – 1st, Tyler Jackson – 3rd

Women’s “Masters” age 30-39 podium (L-R): Louise Van Beek Rogers – 3rd, Ansley Simpson – 1st, Meagan Broughton – 2nd

Men’s “Masters” age 30-39 podium (L-R): Ryan Caesar – 3rd, Paul Chapman – 1st, Chris Etsell – 3rd

Women’s”Legends” age 40-49 (L-R): Lori Glazier – 1st, Nicola Lee – 2nd

Men’s “Legends” age 40-49 (L-R): Cameron Jackson – 2nd, Dave Wright – 3rd, Dennis Bannock – 4th, Chad Critchley – 1st

Women’s “Immortals” age 50+ (L-R): Techa van Leeuwen – 1st, Annie Hartviksen – 2nd

Men’s “Immortals” age 50+ (L-R): Steve Jarrett – 3rd, Frank Larsen – 1st, Tom Elliott – 3rd

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Beaver Valley Domination at Gromination

Beaver Valley’s park snowboarders scored some impressive podiums at the “Gromination” park contest at Blue Mountain last weekend.

Griffin Levy took first place in both Rail Jam and Slopestyle for 11-12 year olds. Sam Koven triumphed in Slopestyle for 13-14 year olds. Jesse Jarrett grabbed 2nd in Rail Jam for 13-14 year olds. Congrats to the boys who walked away with some great prizes from Sony, Optrix, Sandbox, Vans and Oakley.

Griffin Levy

Sam Koven

Jesse Jarrett

Sam Koven

Jesse Jarrett

Griffin Levy atop the 11-12 yr old Slopestyle podium

Sam Koven 1st in the 13-14 yr old Slopestyle

Jesse Jarrett 2nd in the 13-14 yr old Rail Jam